Course Introduction

BY Y.B. Expostore presents the Hand-Flat Knitting Machine Beginner Course. Our tutor will explain the structure and basic functions of the knitting machine. Through our beginner, intermediate, advanced and one-on-one advanced courses, students will gradually learn to knit various patterns of their own.

Course Information

Course Name: Hand-Flat Knitting Machine Beginner Course

Course Fee: HK$1750

Course Code:CX000001

Duration: 1.5 Hours per section

Course Schedule: Call for arrangement

Time: Tuesday to Saturday,10:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Total number of classes: 4

Course Size: 2-6 people

Materials included:
1.Each student will get to use a knitting machine individually.
2.Basic tools and yarn

Application Method

Please contact us by ....
E-mail: / Phone: (852) 2779 3188 / Whatsapp: (852)60178436

Terms and Conditions

1) Applications will not be accepted once the class is full. 7 days before the first lesson will be the deadline of application
2) No refund
3) To re-schedule a class, you must notify BY Y.B. Expostore 3 business days in advance
4) Please do not eat during class
5) Participants are not allowed to use materials not purchased from BY Y.B. Expostore during the course or create their own finished product; Material of the self-created finished product must be selected from our provided form
6) Applicant is responsible for any damage / lost of BY Y.B. Expostore facilties
7) BY Y.B. Expostore is not responsible for the damage / lost of your personal belongings
8) In case of Typhoon Signal NO.8 or above, or Black Rainstorm warning, the class that day will be postponed.
BY Y.B. Expostore will contact each applicant to re-schedule. If the typhoon signal / rainstorm warning is removed, the class shall resume 2 hours after
9) In case of any dispute, BY Y.B. Expostore reserves the right of all final decisions